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shoes a girl after my own heart, but mine are just in piles everywhere.


Will you come and do my shoes next? Perhaps there is room to move into trendy knitted slippers, it must be time for them to come back into fashion.

catherine (as in tim's niece!)

your mum has just given me your blog address and i have logged on a couple of times in the past few is really good!! i thought the work you did for your presentation was for me i am knitting a stripey beret at present but had to unravel most of it last week as it went horribly wrong!!
i saw last week that you wanted to know about copyright,i remember seeing something about it in a copy of the crafts council magazine so they might be able to help.other than that i don't know much about it!
good luck with your finals!


How many more boxes are there to cover?

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