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Lovely top! Sounds like your working hard and deserve it! Good luck with the rest of your course!


you geek. john's going to love you for'll probably be put up on the plasma screen in the foyer at uni haha!
fancy doing my blog for me? i'm too lazy and my camera *and* laptop have both decided to break. poop. see you monday :-)


Lovely top Lu!
That is a lot of stitches - I can't knit a stitch with or without machine - and I am 10years and 10days older than you! x


16100 stitches sounds like an awful lot to me! But then 100 stitches would be a lot to me, don't work too hard we are all very proud of you x


Look forward to seeing the pictures of your hard work Lucy. Well done.


Don't worry it will soon be back. Don't work too hard my little darling xx

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