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Well done done Lucy what an acheivment, to have a 2:1 degree is something to be really proud of - you are a star!


looky looky. guess who's got a new blog?! x


Well done Lucy. Congratulations from us all.


CONGRATULATIONS LUCY!!!!! I wasnt worried about it at all!!! Good for you girl - now start your textile designing life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very happy for you xxx


Well done my darling I am very proud and know you worked very hard. Well done to all your friends too :o)


i told mum that you got flowers for doing so well hoping she might feel guilty and buy me some. but no, no flowers for me...

...i'm getting the wool to knit my jacket with instead. whooopeeeeee!

haha. we rock so much for getting 2:1's! x

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