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just got your note about knitting and stitching show - when is it?


ooo you lucky cow. the only post i get is offers of credit cards with £10,000 limits (like i can afford that!) and my bank statements (which are depressing).
can't wait for the knitting and stitching show this weekend. have you decided if you're going with your mum? i shall attempt to post a blog again tonight to show off my new hair and what i've been upto. but knowing wordpress - it'll all go tits up again!

little cotton rabbits

Ooooo you lucky thing - I love getting parcels in the post - like the yarn colours you ordered.


You certainly have had lots of lovlies in the post.Lots and lots of luck from me and Tim, we admire your courage to get out there and have a go.


Good luck with your new venture, Lucy. Thanks for the link.

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